Mind Games follows Gail, a woman suffering with severe bouts of epilepsy in the 1950’s. Her journey takes her to a mental institute, a place that serves as both a sanctuary and a labyrinth of the mind. Here, her fragile psyche is laid bare, and the boundaries between reality and the world of her heart's deepest desires begin to blur. Amidst the sterile and regimented environment of the mental institution, where the line between sanity and madness is thin, our protagonist embarks on an extraordinary odyssey.

It is within these walls that she encounters a mysterious man, a captivating and enigmatic figure who seems to transcend the confines of her immediate reality. He introduces himself as a visitor from her dreams, a person who exists in the ethereal realm of her subconscious but can only manifest in her slumbering hours.Their connection is immediate and intense, as they navigate a profound romance that transcends the limitations of the physical world. Gail’s experiences with this mysterious man are nothing short of surreal, and the emotional depth of their connection challenges her understanding of what is possible within the realm of human experience.

"You’re a figment of my imagination, a very vivid dream…”

As their love story unfolds, the boundaries between the dream world and the waking world blur even further. The woman finds herself questioning the nature of reality, grappling with the implications of her intense emotions, and struggling to discern the line between her dreams and the concrete world.