In a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by the aftermath of the devastating Poison Wars, The Lotus, a new order, emerges, claiming to safeguard the remnants of humanity. 

They meticulously select the few individuals deemed worthy of entry, leading to an ever growing desperate struggle for survival, power, and acceptance in a world where the line between hope and despair is razor-thin.

Wolfe, like most others, is named for the things that have disappeared from the earth. Hailing from the sprawling slums of Warsend, amidst a post-apocalyptic landscape, he, and the rest of the Lotus oppressed, live among glimmers of the world's former glory of malfunctioning advanced technology, and towering ruins of fallen civilizations, that serve as a bittersweet reminder of the damage of The Poison Wars.

He has always been crass to the savior complex most have adopted for The Lotus. A haunting memory of his childhood trauma that has forever altered his life and claimed the very existence of his mother made it nearly impossible for him to subscribe to their perspective that they operate toward "the greatest good of coming generations."

His contempt is made clear in his alignment with a growing group of robin hood style rebells whose supposed goal is to expose the truth, and eventually rise against The Lotus.

But when Rainey, his devout Lotus apologist love interest, is selected to live among Lotus socialites, he becomes torn between his loyalties.

“ I don’t want to lose you…Then don’t.”

Wolfe's fate takes an unexpected turn when revolutionist minded leader, Orca, orchestrates the murder of an innocent Lotus civilian, compelling Wolfe to flee in disgrace, seeking solace in uncharted territories.

Meanwhile, as Rainey delves deeper into the inner workings of the elite society, she begins to unravel the carefully crafted facade of The Lotus for herself. The invitation she once coveted reveals its hidden limitations, and she uncovers dark secrets lurking behind the luxurious image of The Lotus.

Alone on his treacherous journey, Wolfe is led by a mysterious creature to a well-guarded secret—a hidden society thriving in a supposed wasteland, a stark contradiction to the teachings of the Lotus government.

With their newfound knowledge, Rainey and Wolfe are both faced with a pivotal choices: to conform to the oppressive system or to emerge as forces of resistance, exposing the truth and fighting for a future free from the clutches of The Lotus.

But breaking free of the Lotus leader, Polaris, proves to be a formidable challenge, as The Lotus's grip on power tightens,  it becomes apparent they do not plan to relinquish control easily.